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Orion boosts the health of a recovery beverage company

Client Needs A recovery beverage company retained Orion to find solutions for increasing working capital by improving inventory turn and reducing operating cost.

Orion Strategies & Client Relationship After the client established the scope of work, Orion came on board to holistically analyze the supply chain, from raw material procurement through customer delivery, for large return and straightforward solutions. Through the beginning stages of this partnership, the scope expanded to include end-to-end supply chain solutions. This was achieved three weeks ahead of schedule and within the original project budget.

Outcomes Orion delivered a 22 percent savings in the client’s supply chain costs, a 3X improvement in inventory turns, a scalable network that expands as revenue grows without increasing costs per unit, and a scorecard for the planning group. Additionally, the client’s required distribution space was reduced by 30 percent; its team members received mentorship; and, as part of Orion’s core values, the group received a sustainable plan for future navigation. Through this collaboration, the organization’s commercial side now has the capacity to grow business by double digits.

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