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Navigating your business to success

Our Expertise

Our team of advisors delivers 150 collective years of experience to bring strategic solutions to your company through four specific service areas. We specialize in optimizing, developing and transforming organizations.
Supply Chain Optimization

Recognized in today’s world as a major threat to business success, a breakdown in the supply chain will compromise improvements in any organizational function.


At Orion, we provide solutions to mitigate supply chain risks through a strategic and tactical assessment process partnering our clients and their suppliers. Our team holistically examines three areas of the supply chain: product flow, optimization of processes and key metrics.


We deliver a flexible supply chain that grows and changes before customers experience issues and costs escalate. Clients experience increased operational flexibility in an ever-changing market, improved customer service levels and enhanced asset efficiency productivity - resulting in improved cash flow. 



Executive Development

Orion advisors believe successful organizations have a strong talent management and development process. People are the most important asset of any organization.


Our approach is to guide individuals, teams and organizations using Orion’s established executive development process. This method utilizes proven tools like 360’s, 9 block assessments and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Through these services, we make available internships at client companies, as well as board seats aimed to transform organizational talent.


Utilizing tools and scorecards from other practice areas, we ensure talent development aligns with company and shareholder objectives. 


Buy-Side Diligence

Our diligence process delivers a clear understanding of the current state of operations and commercial functions with recommended improvement opportunities, scoped to provide prioritization in the first 180 days of ownership.


Using a tailored approach for every client, our goal is to significantly and efficiently enhance each company's equity value. This is achieved through alignment of the management and sponsor focus with realistic and achievable deliverables. We assess internal controls and identify key performance metrics for both for short- and long-term goals.



Operations Planning

In today’s rapidly changing, cost-focused environment, growing and staying competitive requires an efficient operations system that address the entire operations network. It is easy to lose the simplicity of a solid set of metrics and corresponding score card to drive and improve maximized cash flow.


Orion will find solutions for the integration and optimization of each client’s operations - doing so without compromising the integrity of an existing network.  As a group, we have designed and implemented operations advancement in leading distribution, manufacturing and retail companies. We drive results in procurement, warehousing, capacity planning, order fulfillment and transportation by developing key metrics and a scorecard methodology.


Our advisors ensure organizations will learn to effectively manage key success factors by facilitating quantitative evaluation methods and establishing key performance and operating metrics. Orion guides businesses to define proper metrics, simultaneously providing education on their appropriate use. Through our deep system development capability, we also are positioned to assist IT departments in data capture tools and reporting processes.


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