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Navigating your business to success

Our Team

Jeffrey Greene


Jeffrey is a seasoned C-Level executive with a proven track record for producing results above threshold targets through the development of clear strategies, implementing business processes and employing a high performance culture. Most recently, as CEO, he led the turn-around of a 900 million dollar packaging company, leading to the company’s sale to Bain Capital. He has over three decades of experience leading commercial teams and operations with both large and small companies in the consumer products, packaging and industrial space. 

Charles Armstrong


Charles is a senior executive with over 30 years experience in distribution and manufacturing network design, supply chain optimization, international logistics, facility planning and design, leadership development, organizational design and performance optimization. He held senior leadership P&L positions in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing and consulting industries. He also developed and executed strategies to transform direct to store distribution to full Omni-Channel capability.

Ken Bonning


Ken is a senior-level retail executive with experience leading the supply chain, IT, digital technology, Omni-Channel operations, store design, store construction, facilities and sustainability areas within large, public multi-unit retail companies. As a member of the executive committee, he developed and implemented strategies to improve operations and high growth. In coordination with the board, he led strategic transformations at the business unit and corporate levels, resulting in improved top line performance.

Pete Bednarzyk

Pete is a seasoned senior-level executive with 30+ years of experience. He has held P&L
responsibility roles across distribution, transportation, inventory management, supply chain
strategy and support, and leadership development. His background is broad and diverse, and it
has spanned sizable supply chains, as well as private equity-backed small to mid-sized
companies. Most recently as a senior member of leadership teams, he has executed vertical
integrations of supply chains, and has optimized operations for a successful sale. Pete excels at
solving operational challenges, helping to improve performance, and successfully developing
effective cultures and foundations for growth and financial performance.

Steve Heft


Steve is a senior executive with over 30 years’ experience in Manufacturing, Procurement, and the End-to-End Supply Chain.  Starting as a Logistics Officer for the USMC, Steve has professionalized manufacturing/distribution from startup operations through $4B PE portfolio companies.  Leveraging his Lean skills, Steve has led manufacturing operations ranging from contact lenses & eyeglasses to steel forging and stamping to injection molding.  Frequently the expert of choice to send to manufacturing trouble spots around the globe to cure quality and efficiency issues.  A teacher, mentor and developer of high-performance teams.

orion photo_edited.png
Chris Halkyard


Chris has over 30 years of experience in supply chain management, specializing in E-commerce growth companies, WMS/TMS and LMS implementation, DC startups, logistic optimization, and management and productivity training. He spent the last 15 years designing supply chains for popular NY City DtoC start ups and held senior management rolls - scaling businesses to 3X their initial size.

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